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Injuries happen to everyone in Hyannis, though some more significant than others. For those injuries that adversely affect your life, the personal injury attorneys at Goldberg Law Group, are here for you. No one in Hyannis gets left behind by big insurance companies when Goldberg Law Group, is on their side.

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Significant injuries are often not accidents. Even if malicious intent doesn’t exist, negligence most certainly does. Most accidents generally have some form of negligence attached to them. The victim can hold some, all or at times, no negligence in an accident. So long as the accident victim holds less than half the blame, there’s compensation to be paid.

The accidents we see in Hyannis can involve significant medical bills, time out of work, property damage and pain and suffering. Massachusetts protects accident victims with specific laws to make sure compensation is paid when necessary. A personal injury lawyer can make sure the laws are used properly to assist you if you have been injured. There is never any fee to speak with us!  In fact, there is no fee until we win your case…period!

Why hire a Personal Injury Lawyer? 

A personal injury lawyer operates in an area of law dealing with negligence and insurance companies. Their client has typically suffered an injury and needs compensation from a negligent party to help pay for the costs of the damages.

Types of Personal Injury Cases:

If injuries associated with the accident are severe enough, the costs a client will seek compensation for can include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Property Damage
  • Replacement Services
  • Deductibles
  • Co-Pays

Your attorney will shield you from any tricky insurance company tactics. Big insurance companies are generally responsible for paying compensation in car accident, slip, trip & falls, dog bite, medical malpractice, or nursing home abuse cases.

Insurance Companies Are NOT incentivized to pay the proper amount

Insurance companies are businesses at the end of the day. They don’t want to lose money if they don’t have to. So don’t expect an insurance company to treat you fairly or to make a fair offer right off the bat. Your lawyer will help you document every bill, paycheck lost, and expense associated with your case. The most experienced lawyers will be savvy enough to argue non-monetary damages like pain and suffering as well for your benefit.

How to choose a Personal Injury Attorney

There’s a good chance you’ve seen personal injury attorney ads and billboards all over Massachusetts. The abundance of these ads is no accident, as the field of personal injury is as competitive as ever for signing the best cases. An accident victim will have to be diligent in their research when choosing a lawyer.

The best place to start is a Google search. Use the keyword “personal injury lawyer” and check the maps to see what offices are closer to you. Always try to use a local office as they’ll know the area better than a large, national firm. From there, check for any negative Google reviews. By rule, those cannot be removed. Check other directories like AVVO and Find Law too for other independent reviews.

The Massachusetts Bar is a great place to cross check

The Massachusetts State Bar Association keeps a thorough record of all registered attorneys in good standing. Rarely will you find a lawyer online who isn’t Bar certified, but it never hurts to double-check.

Always Ask Questions When You Call

Always ask the following questions before signing an agreement with your personal injury attorney:

  • Is My Consultation Free? If an attorney makes you pay for a consultation, walk away. An experienced personal injury attorney has no need to charge for consultations.
  • How Long Have You Practiced Personal Injury? The nuances of negotiating and arguing insurance and negligence laws are not something a lawyer picks up in one year. It takes many years of litigating personal injury cases and learning from mistakes to truly become a successful PI attorney. Look for at least 20 years of local. Personal injury experience from your attorney before hiring them.
  • Who Are Your Investigators? A personal injury attorney who’s been practicing for a long time either employs an investigator or hires out a contracted investigator. Their job is to find facts and interview witnesses involved with your case. Building a significant personal injury claim starts with securing hard evidence.

How to hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Successful personal injury attorneys should offer free consultations. A consultation is a confidential interview between a client and the attorney where details of the case are discussed.

Your attorney will make the call if he or she thinks that they can help you. Depending on how concrete the details are and how much evidence still exists, the attorney will either accept or deny your claim.

If you’ve been turned away from one office, don’t give up! There are plenty of experienced personal injury lawyers who can find the angle to make your case worthwhile. If you’ve been turned down by a personal injury attorney, you can always call the offices of Goldberg Law Group, to have your case reviewed.

How do Personal Injury Lawyers get paid? 

All experienced Personal Injury Attorneys will work with you on a contingency-fee-basis. A contingency fee is a negotiated percentage of the settlement the attorney receives once the case concludes.  The accident victim pays nothing upfront for any of the legal services the attorney performs.  The contingency fee at Goldberg Law Group is the exact same fee that we have charged since 1986!  This is a flat one third (33.3%) contingency fee.  There is never any additional charge for filing a lawsuit or going to mediation or arbitration!

Anything but a contingency fee should be a red flag for a client. Charging flat fees for a personal injury case is absolutely the worst thing for an accident victim, which at Goldberg Law Group, is something we don’t believe is right.

When Do I Call A Personal Injury Attorney?

The offices of Goldberg Law Group, are here to serve all injured victims in Hyannis and greater Southeastern Massachusetts. Peter M. Goldberg and Blair Weigand are natives to the area and care genuinely for their community. Don’t give up your potential compensation to just any injury attorney. Make sure you trust our 50 years of combined legal experience to win your case and secure your peace of mind.

Let the lawyers at Goldberg Law Group, be your advocates against the insurance companies. Call (508) 775-9099 today! There is never any fee to speak with us!  In fact, there is no fee until we win your case…period!

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