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Workers’ Compensation is a term thrown around often when it comes to workers’ rights. However, for how often the phrase is mentioned, workers' comp is rarely used when it's needed.  American employees work in a culture where we go the extra mile to please our bosses. That means working long hours, avoiding confrontation, and not taking days off.

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Even if you suffer an injury on the job, there’s an inherent urge to work through the pain. No matter the relationship with your employer, no one wants to bring up the idea of workers’ compensation with their boss. If you suffer an injury while in the course of your employment, you have rights and you are owed workers compensation to cover your injuries.

People working in Hyannis shouldn’t have to choose between their job and their personal health. Don’t be afraid to file for workers’ compensation when you deserve it. At Goldberg & Weigand, LLP our workers’ compensation lawyers have the experience and knowledge to explain your rights to you. We can make the workers’ compensation process easier and less scary for you.

Who is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

If you work in Hyannis, your employer is required by Massachusetts law to obtain and pay for workers’ comp insurance. The specific workers’ compensation policy should be spelled out on a poster in your place of employment.

The possible workers’ compensation benefits provided to you by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are:

  • Medical bill payments
  • Wage reimbursement benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits
  • Permanent & total disability benefits
  • Payment for scarring, loss of function & disfigurement
  • Attorney’s Fees (YOU do not have to pay any!!!)

A workers’ compensation attorney is your best resource in Hyannis for breaking down and understanding the laws. The attorney can help you differentiate your injuries and what kind of compensation you can file for.

What Does A Workers Compensation Lawyer Do?

A workers’ compensation lawyer’s job is to advocate for an injured worker when they are injured in the course of their employment. In most cases, your attorney will deal with the employer’s workers comp insurance company. Keep in mind both the insurance company and your employer are not incentivized to pay out in full. The insurance company wants to keep their money, and your employer doesn’t want to pay extra for the possible resulting rate hike.

No matter what, your employer owes an injured worker full compensation, as described by M.G.L. chapter 152 for their injuries. As an employee, it is not your responsibility to manage the bottom line of the company you work. Your responsibility is to your health and your family. The desire to keep a good, working relationship with your employer is normal. That’s why you need a workers’ compensation attorney to speak and act on your behalf, so there’s never an awkward moment between employee and boss.

Why Should I Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney?

An experienced Hyannis workers compensation lawyer will understand Massachusetts’ workers’ compensation law front and back. This knowledge, combined with trial savvy, will yield maximum compensation for the injured worker. The building blocks of a workers’ comp case are:

  • Medical Evidence
  • Investigations
  • Interviews

These information-gathering methods are the cornerstone of a workers’ compensation attorney’s job. The better the evidence, the better shot exists for maximum compensation.

Keep in mind that not all work injuries need to involve an attorney. We can and will, talk to you and give you our honest opinion of whether or not we need to get involved.  Sometimes even though we do not need to represent an injured worker, coming in and meeting with us allows us to educate the worker and allow them to be a better advocate for themselves.  We never charge for this type of consultation.

A Workers Compensation Lawyer is Necessary When:

  • Insurance Denies a Claim Outright
  • Insurance Disputes Disability
  • You Have a Preexisting Condition
  • Insurance Denies Necessary Medical Treatments

Any of the following predicaments would require the services of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. If you want all your injuries and bills covered, hire the experienced and knowledgeable workers’ comp lawyers at Goldberg & Weigand, LLP today.

How Do Workers Compensation Lawyers get Paid?

Attorney’s Fees in workers’ compensation claims are mandated by law.  Similar to personal injury attorneys, workers compensation lawyers work on contingency fees. A contingency fee is a percentage of the settlement you receive from the insurance company.

The Massachusetts Workers Compensation Act mandates a 20 percent cap on contingency fees when a claim is lump-summed with a couple of exceptions:

  • 15 percent when the insurer does not accept liability

Who Pays Workers Compensation?

The workers’ comp insurer pays for a workers’ comp claim. A significant claim might result in a premium hike on the workers’ comp policy, if your employer is an experience modified insured.  This is something that you do not need to be concerned with, as it does not affect your claim whatsoever.

Your total compensation will come directly out of the insurance company’s pocket.

When Do I Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

If your work injury resulted in any of the following conditions:

  • Disability (Temporary or permanent)
  • Medical Bills

You need to call the Hyannis Workers Compensation Lawyers at Goldberg & Weigand, LLP. Peter M. Goldberg and Blair Weigand have more than 50 years of combined experience advocating for the injured workers of Massachusetts.

Experience is vital in understanding how workers’ comp insurance works. Consultations are free and confidential with a quick phone call to our Hyannis office. Don’t let the insurance companies pay you less than you deserve. Call the Hyannis workers’ compensation lawyers at Goldberg & Weigand, LLP today at (508) 775-9099.


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