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New Bedford Trucking Accident Attorney

Commercial trucks are often seen driving down the road at any hour of the day. There is always some cargo that needs to be transported from one place to another. When these trucks are in an accident it can be terrifying. These are huge tractor-trailers that can cause a lot of damage, and there is an increase in the likelihood of a fatality. Goldberg & Weigand understand what it takes to investigate these accidents. Trucking companies understand that these accidents can cost them millions of dollars. So, they are going to try to find evidence that is favorable to their case from the very beginning.

We know how trucking companies operate and what it takes to beat them. We urge anyone in an accident with a commercial truck to contact us immediately. These cases are complex because they involve an employee of a company. If the driver is at fault, the company is responsible for your injuries and lost wages. You need a New Bedford Trucking Accident attorney who knows how to investigate the accident and build the strongest case possible.

Why should you start investigating immediately?

An experienced New Bedford Trucking Accident attorney knows that the scene of an accident needs to be investigated as soon as possible. One, the trucking company has already begun to build their case. Two, evidence can be destroyed easily. We need to be on the scene to protect your rights and see who was really negligent. Was the trucker responsible, or was there a problem with the vehicle? We need to make sure that we hold the right parties liable. In most of our cases, there are many parties responsible. However, we can’t prove liability without evidence. There are many entities involved in every single tractor-trailer on the road, so you need to have someone representing your interests.

What are some examples of negligence?

trucking accident lawyer

There are so many different things to consider in a trucking accident case that you need an experienced New Bedford Trucking Accident attorney.

As we mentioned before, there could be several parties at fault in your accident. You have the driver of the truck, the company that owns the truck, and the company that owns the cargo. With so many people involved, you could have negligence at any level. Some of the most common forms of negligence are:

  • Fatigue of the driver
  • Improper maintenance of the vehicle
  • Failure of equipment
  • Overloaded truck
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Recklessness
  • Negligent hiring and more.

When a car is involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the car is at a serious disadvantage. A tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. So, passengers in the car suffer from substantial injuries and even death. You need an experienced New Bedford Trucking Accident attorney that can obtain a settlement that compensates you for your pain, injuries and lost income.

Don’t take the first settlement.

Nobody involved in the accident is looking out for your interest. When you have an accident, the common thought is that your insurance company would care for your well-being. However, all of these companies are only focused on the lowest settlements possible. In many trucking accidents, a company will reach out to the victims with an offer to settle. A lot of victims will take this settlement, not realizing that it is a low-ball offer. You could win a huge award or settlement if the company is at fault, but many victims are overwhelmed and taken advantage of. You need to have someone experienced to help you navigate through your lawsuit. Never speak to anyone about a settlement without hiring legal counsel.

What expenses can I have compensated?

This is the question that is on the mind of most victims. At the very least you will have to replace or have extensive maintenance on your car. This can be incredibly expensive, and it doesn’t even factor into your injuries. We seek settlements that will cover all of our victims’ medical expenses and damages. Many of the damages we have obtained compensation for are:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of life
  • Funeral expenses
  • Property damage
  • And Diminished earning

Depending on the court, you can also seek punitive damages. If you’re in an accident where the trucking company had actions that were considered egregious, the company can be punished. For example, if the company encouraged drivers to make false sleep entries in their time log. This is considered especially atrocious and against federal regulations. This would be a circumstance where you could receive punitive damages.

Trucking accidents are complex, and you deserve the best for your family and your future.

There are so many different things to consider in a trucking accident case that you need an experienced New Bedford Trucking Accident attorney. We have successfully handled and won many cases for our clients. Set up an appointment with us today, so that we can begin going over the details of your case.


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