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Our attorneys will take the time to learn about you and your claim and examine the full extent of your accident. We are ultimately looking at any and all factors that lead to the accident, and the way in which your injuries from this accident will negatively impact your life.

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The law offices of Goldberg Law Group have been helping victims of auto accidents for decades. If you are looking for a great Hyannis car accident lawyer, then we’re here to fight for you. We understand that it can be very traumatic to suffer an injury in an accident as a result of a negligent driver. Often, these accident cases can become extremely complex, and it is important that you have knowledgeable and experienced representation to help you through the process.

Goldberg Law Group has over 55 years of combined experience dealing with injury claims, and we are the most trusted law firm in the Hyannis area. Our experience will directly benefit your own personal care needs. We will fight for your rights and help you go after the liable parties to get the compensation that you deserve.

Since Massachusetts has no-fault (PIP) coverage for most insurance policies, you can count on your own insurance company to be there financially for medical expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses if you are involved in an auto accident. The issue here is that most insurance companies are only interested in their bottom line. Their job is to settle with you for as little money as possible, regardless of what you might actually be entitled to as a result of your accident.

Even if your accident was completely the fault of the other driver, or you were a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle, your insurance company is not going to fight to get you everything that you deserve.


Massachusetts PIP Coverage and Your Options

Massachusetts is a no-fault insurance state. What that means is that the system is designed to promptly pay for medical expenses and other accident-related out-of-pocket expenses. That personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is there to pay for the insured’s medical claims, regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

The issue here is that often, in an accident, the damages sustained can cost so much more than the limits the insurance companies are willing to pay out. PIP will pay seventy-five (75) percent of your gross actual lost income (if you miss work as a result of the accident), as well as medical expenses, and any replacement of household services.

While that might sound like everything you need, often times the PIP limits are inadequate to cover all of your losses.

Often times injured parties are stuck with overwhelming medical bills that could potentially ruin them financially.

If the out-of-pocket damages you suffered as a result of the accident exceed the amount that your insurance company is willing (or required) to pay, what are you supposed to do?  Furthermore, the no-fault (PIP) benefits do not cover any pain and suffering at all!

To be eligible to file a lawsuit for pain and suffering and these additional expenses, you have to meet just one (1) of several criteria first. The criteria include that the motor vehicle accident:

  • Causes death;
  • consists in whole or in part of a loss of a body part;
  • consists in whole or in part of permanent and serious disfigurement;
  • results in loss of sight or hearing (as described in the statute);
  • consists of broken or fractured bones; or


Injured party incurred medical expenses that exceed $2,000.00.

The criteria might initially seem a little vague, but that can actually be favorable when you are attempting to file a lawsuit for the money you might be owed. A good attorney can negotiate with the insurance companies to get you a favorable settlement, based on the facts from your accident, which could be more than they were initially willing to pay.


A Good Attorney Gets You Everything You Deserve from Your Auto Accident

Every Hyannis car accident lawyer promises to get you every penny that you are owed, but the process is much more complex than just filing your claim or lawsuit. In reality, the extent of your damages from the accident will ultimately decide exactly how much you might be entitled to receive. If you suffer a life-altering accident which leaves you with an extensive medical recovery, like a brain injury, then it is extremely important to have an experienced, knowledgeable, quality lawyer on your side.

Regardless if your injury is extensive or relatively minor, like whiplash or broken bones, you are still going to have medical bills that will need to be paid; and you will still suffer pain and suffering. If you are permanently disfigured from your accident, you might be able to return to work, but your overall quality of life might be affected dramatically. What if your injuries can be corrected only through some extensive reconstruction surgery? Those medical bills aren’t going to be cheap, and you might have out of pocket expense even after insurance has given you what they call “fair” settlement.

Most accidents can take a very long time to recover from, and the medical bills will often quickly add up and become overwhelming. If you were not the at-fault driver, then you deserve to be compensated for all the impact the accident had or will have on your life. Goldberg Law Group has experienced attorneys ready and willing to help you get the compensation you deserve. Goldberg Law Group, “Lawyers who listen, Lawyers who care.”™


Insurance Companies Worry About Insurance Companies

Ultimately, the insurance company is NOT on your side at all. They are on their side and will do whatever they can to make sure your settlement fits within their own budgetary needs. They will do a good job of making it appear that they have your best interests at heart, however, your interests will never trump their bottom line.

In their quest to seem like they are on your side, Insurance Companies employ certain tactics intended to get you to make statements that they will eventually use against you in the settlement of your claim. They will ask for your version of the accident under the guise that they are just gathering information to quickly process your claim. The problem here is that they will often use this statement and manipulate your words against you. They can make it seem as if you are admitting to some fault for the accident which might affect the amount of money they ultimately decide to offer you as part of your settlement.

This can be disheartening, to say the least. Again, they are looking out for their best interests and are hoping to minimize the amount they have to give you in the settlement. Comparative negligence laws state that the amount of your settlement can be reduced depending on your own at-fault percentage of the accident.

This is where a good law firm can work with you and the insurance company to get a truly fair settlement. We can help you build a statement which is accurate, truthful and will not be construed against you if you were indeed the victim of the accident.

Your Hyannis Car Accident Lawyer is Here to Fight for You

At Goldberg Law Group will work tirelessly for you with each insurance provider to get the best possible settlement that you deserve. We have very competent attorneys and experts who are here to evaluate the full extent of your injuries, and to figure out exactly how much time and care you will need for your recovery. All this can be then translated into a fair settlement amount. We will look at the following items to determine your case:

  • All medical costs to include current and future expenses
  • Lost income as a result of your injuries
  • Your projected future lost or impaired earnings
  • Lost Increases and bonuses to your future earnings
  • Repair and replacement costs for your vehicle
  • Any prescription medications and medical equipment you might need
  • Damage to personal relationships (marriage and family)
  • Pain and suffering
  • The loss to your quality of life to include any household services

Our attorneys will take the time to learn about you and your claim and examine the full extent of your accident. We are ultimately looking at any and all factors that lead to the accident, and the way in which your injuries from this accident will negatively impact your life.

At Goldberg Law Group we will take the time to look at every possible factor responsible for your accident. It is important to identify all responsible parties to best determine who might be held responsible, even beyond the insurance companies.

We will gather the necessary evidence and any eyewitness testimony that would be applicable in your case. This helps us to create the strongest case for you. It’s tough to argue with evidence. You might not have even realized initially that another party was partly at fault for your accident. A strong investigation can make or break your case.

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