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If you suffered a workplace injury and need help pursuing the benefits you deserve under your workers’ compensation coverage, the New Bedford Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Goldberg Law Group are here for you and your family. We will help you explore your rights and the coverages provided by your policy and fight for medical care, lost wage benefits, and other payouts due to you.

Workers’ Compensation is a valuable resource for employees. However, the term has become increasingly taboo in the American workplace.  Nobody wants to be on bad terms with their employer. People will often go out of their way to work longer hours, work while sick or work injured to stay on reasonable grounds as an employee.  This “good solider” mentality can play out if a person suffers a work injury. If you have a good relationship with your employer, you may feel compelled not to file workers’ compensation to keep the relationship steady. If you don’t have a good relationship with your employer, chances are you don’t want to do anything to make it worse.

This is a massive misconception for employees all across New Bedford and greater Bristol County. If you suffer an injury while in the course of your employment, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

The New Bedford workers’ compensation lawyers at Goldberg Law Group, are standing by to work with your employer and its’ insurance company, so you don’t have to. Find out more about how a workers’ compensation attorney can help you at no cost to you! There is never a charge to retain an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim.  The workers’ compensation insurer pays all attorney fees.

Who is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

In Massachusetts, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage to all employees. So if you live in New Bedford or elsewhere in Bristol County, your employer has workers’ compensation coverage.

Massachusetts is required to provide the following types of workers’ comp benefits:

  • Medical benefits
  • Permanent & total disability benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Wage reimbursement benefits
  • Payments for scarring
  • Benefits for loss of function and/or disfigurement

A New Bedford workers’ compensation lawyer can walk an injured worker through these benefits for better understanding. Depending on the injury, an injured worker could be entitled to benefits under any of these mentioned categories.

What Does A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do?

A workers’ compensation lawyer specializes in determining and negotiating the proper compensation owed to its injured client with employers’ insurance company. Medical treatment is also a common issue that needs to be addressed.  Most insurers are not incentivized to make full workers’ compensation payments. The New Bedford workers’ compensation lawyers at Goldberg Law Group can help make sure that yu get the proper medical care for your work-related injury.

Sometimes an injured employee might worry about a claim affecting the insurance rates of their employer. It’s essential to keep in mind your health and security should come first, not the employer’s. A workers’ comp attorney steps in to act as a liaison between the employee and employer. Nothing is quite as awkward as making a claim against your employer for an injury that happened on the job, especially when the employer or its insurer isn’t cooperating.

Why Should I Hire a New Bedford Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

It’s the workers’ compensation attorney’s job to know the state laws to obtain maximum benefits for their client. The ultimate goal of a workers’ compensation attorney is to help an injured worker get themselves better and achieve maximum benefits. The attorney will look to minimize the liability of the wounded worker by:

  • Collecting and Examining Medical Evidence
  • Investigating the job site
  • Interviewing supervisors and witnesses
  • Taking depositions of everyone involved in the claim
  • Obtaining and reviewing medical records
  • Discussing the whole claim with our client

Through this process, the workers’ comp lawyer can prove to a court the injured worker deserves proper compensation.

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is Necessary When:

  • Insurance Denies Your Claim
  • You are disabled
  • You need medical treatment
  • You Have a Preexisting Condition
  • Insurance Denies Certain Treatments

If you suffer an injury at work and you’ve found yourself in any of the following situations, you would be wise to hire a workers’ comp lawyer. They can represent your best interests to guarantee you receive maximum compensation.  Furthermore, you do not have to pay for your workers’ compensation lawyer!  Under Massachusetts’ Law, the insurer is required to pay all legal fees.  Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer from Goldberg Law Group COSTS YOU NOTHING!

How Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers get Paid?

In Massachusetts, a workers’ comp lawyer gets paid by the insurer.  If at some point in your claim, a lump sum settlement is found to be in your best interests,  then the insurer will pay this lump sum and the attorney’s fee is determined by law.  That fee is 20% of the total lump sum, unless liability is not  being accepted, in that case the fee would be 15%, That’s spelled out in law MGL 152-13A, an amendment in the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Who Pays Workers’ Compensation?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the workers’ compensation insurance your employer has paid out. Massachusetts requires every company, big or small, to have workers’ comp insurance. Depending on your line of work, the rates for workers’ comp insurance can be high or low. An internet marketing company will have lesser insurance rates. However, a shipping yard could have substantial insurance rates.

When Do I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you suffered an injury on the job and it resulted in any of the following:

  • Disability (missed time from work)
  • ANY Medical Treatment/Bills

It’s time to call the New Bedford Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Goldberg Law Group, . Peter M. Goldberg the team at Goldberg Law Group have more than 50 years of combined experience fighting for the injured workers’ of Bristol County.

Experience proves valuable in knowing how workers’ comp insurance operates and navigating Massachusetts workers’ comp laws. All consultations are free and confidential with a quick phone call to our New Bedford office.

Don’t waste any time and fall victim to insurer manipulation or misrepresentation. Call the New Bedford workers’ compensation lawyers Goldberg Law Group, today at (508)-203-6600.

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