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Motorcycles have a lot of issues on the road because other vehicles do not share their lanes. These cyclists are almost invisible while they are on the road because they are so small. So, many cars run into them because they aren’t paying attention. You could benefit greatly by seeking a New Bedford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

Every day there are accidents on the road, and many of these accidents involve motorcycles. A motorcycle accident is one of the most complex accidents that occur on the roadways. Considering that motorcyclists have less protection, the injuries can be severe. In fact, there is a significant portion of motorcycle accidents that end in death. Contact a New Bedford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for help.

Injuries are not the only thing that motorcycle riders have to worry about. In many cases, the fault of these car accidents is always blamed on the motorcyclist. At Goldberg Law Group we understand the importance of a fair judgment in these cases. You deserve to have compensation for your injuries while holding the right party liable. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you build a personal claim to get the settlement you deserve.

Why do Massachusetts insurance companies blame the motorcyclist?

Motorcycles have a lot of issues on the road because other vehicles do not share their lanes. These cyclists are almost invisible while they are on the road because they are so small. So, many cars run into them because they aren’t paying attention. It can be a common reaction to think that the motorcyclist was driving recklessly.

The stigma associated with motorcyclists is that they are out for the thrill of the ride, which makes them irresponsible. However, you have to go over the facts, not what popular culture thinks of motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if some drivers are irresponsible, not all motorcyclists are reckless on the roadways. All travelers of the road deserve to make their destination safely. Having an experienced New Bedford Motorcycle Accident attorney will shed the right light on motorcyclists and your accident.

Get your bills paid for your Accident

As we mentioned before, motorcycle accidents have serious injuries. While you are fighting your case, you’ll have medical bills piling up. You won’t have any of your bills paid until after your case is settled. In Massachusetts, Personal Injury Protection in your insurance policy will not cover motorcycle accidents, but your Medical Payments Coverage should. Your health insurance will also cover your medical bills.

If you’re in an accident with another party that is liable, then you can collect money from the other party.  They are responsible for covering your medical bills, pain, and suffering, lost wages, with other damages. When the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, you can receive benefits from the uninsured motorist coverage of your personal insurance. You can already see how tricky this entire situation can be, and we’ve just started talking about insurance companies. Imagine if you have injuries that exceed the coverage of your insurance. Now, you have no choice but to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. We can help you talk to insurance companies and deal with the liable parties.

What is the statute of limitations to receive compensation in Massachusetts?

With all of the legal options available to you, it can be overwhelming. The one thing that you don’t want to do is miss your window to file your claim. You have three years from the time of your car accident to take legal action. It can seem like this is a lot of time, but it goes a lot faster than you’d think. To build the strongest legal case, you need to start immediately. Never push something off to the last minute that you can get done today. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss the details of your case. Remember, once you reach the end of this window you can no longer seek a settlement for your damages. Don’t risk being stuck with unpaid medical bills.

Dealing with insurance companies is a tedious experience. A New Bedford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer can help.

When you purchase an insurance policy you might think that this company cares about you. You couldn’t be further from the truth. At the end of the day, insurance companies are looking out for their own interests. They want to get out of every settlement with paying the least amount possible. Even if they are paying out settlements to their own policyholders. Then, you have circumstances where your insurance company tries to avoid paying you for anything at all.

Your insurance company could research your accident and find that you were at fault. If you are at fault, then you don’t have to pay you the money that you deserve. They could say that you were driving recklessly when you were really abiding by all of the traffic laws. Your insurance company should start investigating your accident as soon as it happens. So, you need to also begin your own investigation to protect yourself and your case.

We recommend not talking to any insurance company until you have hired legal representation. You could end up giving away information that could weaken your case. We talk to insurance companies all the time, so we’re confident that we can get the settlement that you deserve.

You need compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle accidents will always have more serious injuries because motorcycles aren’t protected on the road. In any collision, there are two things that are going to happen to a motorcyclist. The rider has to deal with the trauma of the initial collision with the car and then the cyclist has to survive the collision with the ground. Even when drivers wear every piece of safety gear, they can still receive massive injuries. Some of the reasons motorcyclists receive more injuries are because:

  • The rider will feel a direct impact between their body and the car or the pavement.
  • A motorcycle is less stable on the road because they only have two wheels. So, it is harder for the motorcycle to stay upright after and during any crash.
  • Motorcycles weigh less than every other vehicle on the road, so they are highly susceptible to more damage.
  • Motorcycles are harder to see on the road, which makes it easy for a motorcyclist to disappear in a car’s blind spot.

Motorcycles also have a higher risk of having issues with road hazards. When you’re driving down the road in a car, potholes aren’t that big of a deal. The worst-case scenario, you will have a flat tire or might temporarily lose control of your car. On a motorcycle, a pothole can completely remove you from your motorcycle. You can completely wreck a motorcycle from driving over a pothole.

What are common motorcycle injuries?

You can take safety classes to drive more defensively on a motorcycle, but accidents will always happen. In most circumstances, it is the car’s fault in these accidents. So, no matter how much you prepare there will always be another driver out there not paying attention to motorcycles. You can learn to crash in a “safer” way, but ultimately, you’re always going to end up with some injuries. Below are some of the most common injuries that we have seen in past cases with our clients.

  • Road Rash: This skin condition is just like it sounds, a rash from the road. When you are traveling down the highway, even at low speeds, asphalt is a harsh surface. If you’re traveling at higher speeds asphalt can remove the clothing from your body, including leather. So, ultimately you can receive road rash on your skin from coming into contact with the road.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: You don’t even need to have a serious motorcycle accident to sustain a spinal cord injury. As we’ve mentioned, motorcycles have no protection from outside collisions. If you are pinned between your bike and a car, you could sustain this injury. It could be as serious as paralysis or your best-case scenario is nerve damage.
  • Head Injuries: Helmets can help protect you in an accident, but they aren’t always effective. We recommend you should always wear a helmet on a bike because if you do sustain a head injury a helmet could save your life. However, head injuries are one of the most common motorcycle injuries in accidents.
  • Broken Bones: Probably one of the most common injuries of all motorcycle accidents are broken bones. These may seem relatively minor, but a broken bone can take a long time to heal. The longer things take to heal, the more time you’ll miss from work, and this will add to your debt and damages.

What we’ve learned is there is really no “minor” injury in a motorcycle accident. There are a significant number of casualties and every accident should be taken seriously. We want to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve to cover your injuries and damages. Whether you’ve suffered from a broken bone or you’re a family suffering from a wrongful death, we can help.

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