Construction accidents: Any type can be dangerous

Most construction workers enjoy their job, despite the fact that there are many risks associated with their employment.

Any type of construction accident has the potential to cause serious injury or even death. This is why employers and construction workers alike need to familiarize themselves with the steps they can take to reduce the risk of an accident.

Here is a short list of some of the most common construction accidents:

— Slip-and-fall. This is often the result of debris on a construction site. Anything left on the ground, from shingles to tools, can be a trip hazard.

— Fall from height. Construction workers often work on roofs, scaffolding, and ladders. Even when the proper safety measures are in place, it’s possible that a person could fall to the ground, thus suffering a serious injury.

— Equipment accidents. Many types of equipment are used on construction sites. For example, forklifts are a big part of many job sites, as this makes it easier to transport items. Any inappropriate use can lead to an accident.

— Fires. While not common, there is always the potential for a fire on a construction site. This can be the result of leaking pipes, exposed wiring, or the use of flammable chemicals.

— Lifting injuries. Construction workers regularly lift heavy items. This can lead to an immediate injury, or distress that accumulates over time.

A construction accident can injure a single individual or several workers. If you find yourself in this position, do the following:

— Call for medical help

— Report the accident and your injuries to your employer

— Listen to the advice of your medical team with regard to your treatment strategy

Also, you should consult with an attorney who can help you better understand your legal rights.

Since you may not be able to return to work in the near future, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This will give you the money you need to pay for some or all of your expenses as you recover.

If your claim is denied, work with your legal team to formulate an appeal. You don’t want to give in to the system, as you have an injury that deserves compensation.

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