What to Do If You Have Slipped in a Public Place and Have Suffered Injuries

There are hazards associated with visiting different parts of your city of residence. A common risk is injury as a result of slipping, tripping or falling caused by a negligent business or government entity. If you have recently suffered injuries related to slipping, tripping or falling and suspect that your accident was caused by negligence, then you need to review the information below: 


How to Proceed if You Have Slipped in a Public Place and Suffered Injuries  

Try to Obtain Witness Information 

If you have slipped in a public area at a business or city street, then try to obtain witnesses who saw your accident. For example, was the floor wet without a proper sign? Try to find as many witnesses as you can. 

The Burden of Establishing Negligence 

There needs to be proof that a business or government entity or one of their agents was negligent. You will have to show a link to the negligence and the injuries you suffered so you can recover damages for your harms. 

Obtain Documented Proof of Your Medical Injuries & Expenses 

Right after your accident, it is vital to go to a physician to document your injuries and estimate your costs of treatment, recovery, and time you will have to miss work as a result of your accident. 


Have You Recently Suffered Injuries as a Result of Slipping in a Public Place?  

If you have recently suffered injuries related to slipping in a public place in New Bedford, it is wise to speak to a Cape Cod personal injury attorney before proceeding with your claim. The skilled attorneys at Goldberg Law Group,  have many years of experience representing claims related to slip and fall cases located all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and can help you as well. 

If you have been injured and need to proceed with your slip and fall claim, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling (508) 775-9099 for a complimentary initial consultation.

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